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Offline retail challenge

Retail stores are closing at a fast pace. Online competitors are getting stronger. It's clear that only the smartest will survive. One of the ways larger retail chains try to enhance the experience is by loyalty mobile apps. The loyalty app tracks each time you visit the store and offers benefits for your loyalty. Customers are informed about new products and special discounts. But what should smaller retailers do? Is it efficient to build an app for just one or two stores? And what about the maintenance?

The goal of our app is gathering multiple retailers into one place, where customers are informed each time there's a new or special deal coming. also uses surprise bonuses, for people who are already in the store. It adds lots of fun to shopping in your town, while keeping low marketing costs for retailers.

iOS Development

iOS Development

UX/UI Design

UX/UI Design

How is the mobile app created?

After initial brainstorming with the client, we design wireframes for every screen of the future app. Experience shows such simplified drawings of the interface are great food for thought. When you see screens in front of you, lots of creative ideas are suddenly unlocked.

Visla Team

Interface Simplicity

Straight to the Point

Clean, simple, and logical user experience. Just shows the best deals.

Tailored View

Heightened respect for the user's preferences. Not interested in a deal? Won't pop up again.

Fast and Simple

Just set the range and get all the deals nearby.

Admin Panel

Post on the Go

Retailers can add new deals extremely quickly. A quick photo, deal info and it’s ready!

Be Here and Now

Make it very hot by setting the deadline before midnight.


Your heavy burger deal is thrown to the lions.