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Loading Instruction Report Form

To guarantee full stability of the airplane not only can you not exceed the maximum weight, but you also need to control its centre of gravity.

In the Aviation Industry it's called Weight and Balance. The loading process is accompanied by a special "Loading Instruction Report Form" paperwork.

Virtually every such step in the ground security process, the security and stability of such operations are extraordinarily important.

In 2017, the Aer Lingus Ground Security team approached Visla to deliver the Proof of Concept for the electronic version of the loading form (eLIRF), which was supposed to be an improvement in comparison to the old-fashioned computer system leftover from the 1970s.

We developed the PoC, which was soon accepted, and converted to real life app and have been used to this very day at North American airports.

Our Responsibilities
iOS Development

iOS Development

Android Development

Android Development

Node.js Development

Node.js (with XML API) Server Development


They developed our iOS and Android app. They programmed it from top to bottom. It’s quite a critical app. We’ve got doubled and tripled systems that are very important components in our login communication for the aircraft loading.

The app collects the data from baggage loading at each of our 12 American stations, including how many tons of freight is in a particular position in the aircraft. It then sends it to centralized load control, which does performance calculations for the aircraft to be able to fly based on the load.

“Since launching the app, there hasn’t been a single loading error.”

An aircraft behaves roughly like a seesaw. If you load all the baggage in the nose, it will dive. If you load all the baggage in the rear it will pitch up. It’s important to transmit an accurate loading pattern so the aircraft stabilizer can compensate accordingly.

It’s a standalone system. We wanted it that way at this stage. In aviation, we like independent systems because of security and other aspects. They host the backend of the app on their own server. We continue to receive support for the apps.”

Ground Security Officer
Aer Lingus, Ireland

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