Yes, if you need clean code and good UX.

User Centrism

Any good app revolves around the User, not its features. Our goal is to discover what your users would really love in the app, then to design and develop the idea.

The user is always right.


100% of our IT staff comes from Warsaw University, Computer Science faculty. A very distinguished place, with its unique soul, where information science is a religion.

Ranked in the TOP-5 in the world.

When to choose Visla:

When you want to save a lot of time and effort, by testing mockups first.

Rewriting the code is expensive, so before any code is written, we create click-through models, and interview users. You will be surprised how much eye-opening feedback you can get from people, if you do it in a smart way.

When you want to save money, by favouring simplicity

...over a never-ending list of "nice-to-have" features. It may sound harsh, but research shows that 80% of app features are rarely used, if at all. Knowing that, we help you streamline the design, adding new features only when necessary.

When you want to create an app by listening to your potential users,

...rather than having an all-knowing expert assuming everything upfront. We are here to discover what works for your users.

When you are paranoid about the UX and UI,

and need someone who won't stand for second best. You can be 200% sure, our dearest UX leader, Eryk, will meet that demand.

When you need well-educated software developers

but don't want to pay corporate fees. All of our tech staff comes from Computer Science department at Warsaw University. The faculty is ranked regularly in the TOP 5 in the World in the ACM ICPC and TopCoder programming contests.

About Founders

Visla was established in 2016 by three experienced IT professionals: Eryk, Artur and Andrzej. Each of whom have 15+ years experience in software design and development.

The idea which brought us together was to create apps which are simple, nice looking and focused on real user needs, rather than multiplicity of features.

Eryk Pastwa

Eryk Pastwa

Designer, Co-Founder

15+ years of experience in area of product design, user experience and art direction. User experience leader of 40+ UX/UI projects for the North American market.

Masters degree at Warsaw University, Faculty of History.

Artur Bil

Artur Bil

Developer, Co-Founder

Co-founder of high-traffic tech products, including mobile marketing and behavior tracking for retail and transport industries.

Computer science masters degree at Warsaw University (MIMUW).

Andrew Awramiuk

Andrew Awramiuk

Developer, Co-Founder

Launched 70+ mobile apps, including many successful adaptations of top selling board games, such as Steam and Istanbul.

Computer science masters degree at Warsaw University (MIMUW).


Visla Software Team

2 out of 3 of the founders, and 100% of software development team comes from the Computer Science faculty of the Warsaw University (MIMUW). Since 1970s, the faculty has been ranked #1 in Poland and is consistently ranked in the TOP 5 of the World's most reputable team programming contests.

Our faculty is currently ranked 2nd in the World, in the prestigious ACM ICPC contest:

1 - St. Petersburg ITMO University
2 - University of Warsaw (All our software team)
3 - Seoul National University

Our Coding Quality Standards


Code is like humor. It's bad, if you have to explain it.

Our Coding Quality Standards

Working with Visla, you are the owner of the source code from the beginning of the project. We take great pride in keeping our code clean and easy to work with for new developers, if they need to join in later.

For version control we use tools such as Git, running on Github (alternatively Bitbucket, or Gitlab if your project requires it). New releases and new features are developed in separate branches to ensure code clarity and easy control of the development progress. The code is always written according to our 4 main principles:


All objects (variables, classes, methods, etc.) must have a single purpose. If a method is used in two different contexts, for different purposes, a future change will be highly error-prone.


Readability of code is much more important than its length (e.g. super short python/ruby code is usually hard to understand) Sparing those few lines of code doesn't pay off in the long run!


Simplicity is more important than a hyper-compact logic which only the author can understand (e.g. multi-level class inheritance can be attractive from the hobby-developer perspective, but it's usually terrible business-wise as it will be very hard to understand.)

Common Sense
Common Sense

It must be super clear what each class, method or variable does (meaningful names but also common-sense, readable execution flow)

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