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Kerosine, the Rocket Fuel

Kerosine is a new kind of fitness application. It gives users all the professional tools, but it also introduces something that's really needed to be successful at the gym - a motivation! Kerosine introduces a new motivational system to drive users to reach their fitness goals.

Download: Kerosine App

The project was managed by a very experienced IT manager while Visla's role was to deliver the software development team in the mobile and web area. 5 software developers worked on the app.

Our Responsibilities
iOS Development

iOS Development

Android Development

Android Development

Ruby on Rails Back-end Development

Back-end Development

Angular/Typescript Front-end Development

Front-end Development

Kerosine's Features

Progress Tracking

Kerosine offers a professional dashboard for tracking your progress in a smart way. Having all the stats available makes your training routing much more exciting and fun.

Interactive Muscle Map

If you'd like to strengthen particular muscle, no need to hire a trainer. Just click on the muscle and see exercises.

You can filter your results by the type of the equipment you prefer or define own weight.

Apple Watch

If you don't own a fancy Apple Watch yet, Kerosine App gives you a good incentive to get one. Leave your phone in the locker room and it is perfectly able to track your progress.

Gamify Exercises

Even if you're sometimes unimpressed with whatever gamification idea it seems to promise, it appears to works great in case of the Kerosine App. Kerosine makes you want to do your exercises simply for fun of it and a few fake internet points ;)

Social Network

The app connects users. You can track the progress of your friends or people who have similar training goals.

The Backend: Ruby On Rails

The product owner decided to use Ruby on Rails as the back-end technology for this project. Ruby is a self-documenting and pleasantly readable scripting language, while Ruby on Rails is a lightweight framework for developing apps rapidly.

It offers a great pace of development, typically at a cost of frontend performance, however in this case the frontend part was developed in Angular which is known for its great execution time.

Angular+Typescript Frontend

AngularJS is a modern single-page frontend web development framework known for its great performance. It's a great combination with Ruby on Rails as it typically solves the performance concerns you may have when developing in Rails.

The product owner decided to use this framework to provide users with a super-responsive, fast UI.

Angular is also known for its quick prototyping ability, decent development time and solid MVC architecture (data and logic is separated from the look and feel).

iOS (Swift) & Android Apps

The app was developed separately for native iOS (Swift) and native Android. The owner decided to use native frameworks (as opposed e.g. React Native) to ensure the highest interactivity of the user interface.

We feel it was a justified decision since the market success of such type of app can mostly depend on its intuitive user experience which, as of 2019, is much easier to ensure with the usage of native technologies.

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