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La Millou is a very successful mother & child fashion company. It's been growing dynamically since the very beginning. Visla was given a task to optimize the online store which represented the majority of the company's revenue.

We identified bottlenecks - the main issue was a low mobile conversion rate. Regardless of the fact 60% of the users were mobile, the existing website was not fully optimised to complete sales easily with your smartphone. Within 1 year we reached an increase of 197% in mobile app sales conversions. This is almost 3 times more sales being completed via smartphones.

Our Roles
Usability Studies

Usability Studies

UX/UI Design

UX/UI Design

Web Development

Web Development



The increase of Mobile Conversions


Increase of Mobile Traffic


More Sessions


Total Traffic Increase

* Comparison of period 12.2016 – 01. 2017 to 12.2017 – 01.2018.

mobile results




* Comparison of period 12.2016 – 01. 2017 to 12.2017 – 01.2018.


User Research

Surveys & Interviews

UX Improvement

The rebuilding of categories - card sorting & tree maptest

Checkout Process Improvement

Quicker and intuitive process

Layout Improvement

Adjustment to mobile and tablet devices

Strategic Improvements

Mobile Friendly

Implementation of a fully responsive design was the biggest leap forward. We adapted the LaMillou online-store to be compatible with a wide range of devices, small and big screens.

Simple Checkout Means More Sales

We optimised the checkout process by removing certain stumbling blocks which caused delays or in some cases resulted in complete abandonment of the cart (especially in the case of mobile users).

Find Products Easier

During UX tests, we identified that many users had problems with finding the product within the complex tree of categories. With the card sorting tests we proposed a new, simplified category structure which resulted in 20% faster search times and greater "findability".

Clear Call To Actions

Whenever possible we made it clear to the user what the next suggested step in the process is. This increased the click-through rates significantly.

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