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Digitalization of the process of parcel delivery is not a new idea. However, there are still niches where it’s harder to implement. Our client is an Irish logistics software provider. Their software is loved by office users however, their couriers are mainly tough, 50+ men who hate the idea of replacing all the paperwork with a mobile app.


The app should be super simple and foolproof. If users (couriers) have any troubles using it, they will strongly object the idea of having to use it at all. The total cost of the transformation will be much higher.


Our UX design team made it top priority to make sure the interface is simple and understandable by people who don’t use apps.

Our Responsibilities
UX/UI Design

UX/UI Design

Android Development

Android (Java) Development

Visla’s development process and continued support is excellent and having the ability to discuss our requirements directly with dedicated developers allows for quicker route to market. We view Visla as a valued partner and would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Visla.

Mike O'Callaghan
Technical Director, Irish Logistic Software Provider

“Visla took the time to fully understand our processes and assisted us in enriching the user experience and user interface of our product.”

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