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Hometown Real Estate Website

Challenge: how to design a great website?

Real estate websites. There is a countless number of them. What is it that makes one better than the other? And how to compete with popular nationwide players if you're small and local?

One of the things big players cannot do is to control the content very well. Their databases are flooded with information, including poor quality pictures and bogus descriptions.

That's where going smaller has strong advantages. Since all pictures are human supervised, we can show them nice and big. The interface is simple, clear, crisp, easy to understand.

Our mission is straightforward. Focus on must-haves, and make them visually appealing.

UX Research

UX Research

UX/UI Design

UX/UI Design

Visual Design

Visual Design

UX Redesign - The Goal

The idea behind the website redesign was to create a more authentic, more locally-oriented website, with a lot of meaningful real estate insights. We wanted to shift from ineffective "leave your email" forms to more professional lead generation. Based on quality data, local housing data reports, and other hidden gems.

Visla Team

User Experience: finding a new place should be simple and fun!

Visual Landing Pages

When you're looking for a new home, your eyes and emotions make the actual decision.

Clean Data Presentation

So you actually enjoy the process of browsing!

Giving Real Value

The website provides useful text and visual information to create a bond with users who will become future customers.

5 Seconds Principle

First 5 seconds are crucial. We need to catch visitors attention quickly and attract them for more.

Clean and Crisp

No noisy, distracting overload of information. Just pure gold for the visitors.

Read or Just Scan

No time for reading the whole thing? Get to the point with nice, custom icons.

Finally... a big map

Fell in love with a particular place in the city? Let's see what's there to rent now.

AirBNB-like map with locations matching your criteria.

Real estate trends in brief

By delivering easy to understand metrics to users, Hometown is building a relationship with the future customer.

Want to know more?

More information about the particular neighborhood for curious ones. Get to know highlights and understand the feel of the neighborhood community.

Highlights in short

Most essential highlights of the neighborhood with external links to find out more.

Want to build a new app?

Optimize UX. Do great UI.
Make your users happy!

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